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Complete Podiatry Billing Solution

DCB will provide you with credentialing assistance, access to our server, scheduling software, PM software, customized superbill for your Practice, and a new model document scanner.
• You - see the patient and code the CPT and diagnosis on a superbill.
• You - securely scan the patient information and superbill through our server.
• DCB - processes the claim within 48 hours (usually same day).
• DCB - reviews the claim, checking for:
     accuracy of coding
     more that can be been billed
     patient eligibility
• DCB - sends claim electronically to payer wherever possible, or otherwise mails a paper claim.
• DCB - records claim payments.
• DCB - follows up on claim denials and may request additional documentation from you to appeal.
• DCB - follows up on claims without response until claims are fully processed.
• DCB - sends a statement to patient including our phone numbers, for the patient responsibility as determined by payer.
• DCB - answers calls from 7am-midnight, to better provide services to you and your patients.
• DCB - notifies your office of patients that are not paying.

In addition, as a client of DCB, you'll receive notifications from us on recent trends and changes in the industry, keeping you in the know.
DCB is here to help you and your patients. We will reduce your overhead and provide consistency to your Practice. All services mentioned above are included in our fee, that we only collect after you get paid!

What will you eliminate?

Software Expenses
Technical support fees
Calls to insurance companies
Office space needed for billing
Postage meters and rental fees
Any need for claim forms, envelopes, and statement forms

How will your costs be reduced?

Payroll expenses (pay us as a corporation, no need to pay for sick/vacation days, no need to match insurance premiums or pay Medicare tax etc!)
Office Supplies budget (paper, postage, envelopes, etc.)
Computer and printer maintenance fees
The need for toner cartridges for printers

Other Advantages:

Increase your bottom line
Get payment for services you perform
Keep up to date on Medicare and other insurance company coding issues and changes
Dispense DME and get paid for it
Leave the hassles of insurance to us